Our Story

Our story begins in Locarno, Switzerland. By chance, former lawyer Thierry Fara gathers Red Bull's request to create a tailored table for DJ artists performing in its events. Red Bull loved it and placed it on a lounge terrace. Here, several people began to notice the attractive design of this aluminum object, and the first purchase requests came. Thierry made a first table and crafted production to serve these customers' requests.

Ushuaia Ibiza

In the summer of 2018, Thierry realizes the club's need for professional tables. He notices tables on professional stages — used by the greatest DJs in the world — are actually built with stage decks. It's the shot to design "native" and performing tables for these music temples, tailored on their unique needs. That same summer, he meets Ushuaia Beach Hotel's producers to whom he presents a first modular & sliding prototype: the special modular table for scene changes without music interruptions. Both pro artists and Ushuaia technicians suggest various improvements, which led to the first professional table for DJ artists on stage. Blacktable is born. In a short time, other great Ibiza clubs such as Pacha, Destino show their interest and adopt Blacktable as their flexible solution.

Blacktable industrial production

In 2019 takes place a first and small Blacktable industrial production. Thierry proposes a further improved table, modular and elementary to assemble. It's a success.  Orders come from all over the world. Clubs, beach clubs, festivals, rental services, bars and restaurants: they all are enthusiasts of Blacktable's new solution.

Blacktable system

In the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, Thierry mainly focuses on the product's research and development and invests in creating an even more powerful solution; the result is Blacktable System, an innovative construction system for events and permanent venues.

Four friends

In December 2019 Nazareno Rossi, mechanical engineer and vice-director of Officine Ghidoni SA, a Swiss industrial carpentry, joins his friend Thierry Fara boosting the product development and simulations to create the final high-performance solution for events.  In September 2020 Blacktable System SA is founded in Switzerland.

Lorenzo Di Brino, economist and entrepreneur in the digital media sector joined the two friends in course of 2020 helping with the development of a hybrid e-commerce platform, by merging the typical shop experience with a custom projects workflow.

In January 2021, Vissia Menza, content specialist, and former internal workflow manager at Sky Italia, joined the team to expand the internal developments. 


In March 2021, new series of product were launched. Pro, Riser and Slide DJ performance tables Series are available on blacktablesystem.com as finished models of the new Blacktable System.  Two additional Series, Platforms and Shapes, showcase the open construction potentialities in the dedicated sections.  Today Blacktable is a modular construction company which provides international customers with professional DJ tables, on-stage structures, towers, terraces, platforms, creative sets and stages.