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229 € ($235) / piece

Floating Platforms

External dimensions
1903x802mm (74.9x31.6in)
Height: 30mm (1.2in)
Weight: 28.54kg (62.9lbs)
Colour: matte dark grey
Surface: anti-slip R13-V10 (DIN 51130)
Materials: fiberglass, resins, quarz

Anti Slip
Superior anti-slip surface that uses integrated quartz grains to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. The anti-slip surface is classified R13-V10 according to DIN 51130: the best possible anti-slip solution. The incredible adhesion persists even with water, ice, oil or grease.

These platforms withstand all weather conditions.

Our decks are made of high-quality polyester resins and reinforced with fiberglass threads. They are also tested for mechanical and corrosion resistance: ideal for almost all locations with corrosion problems.

Electrical insulation
Expensive grounding becomes unnecessary with increased on-site safety.

Fire-retardant and self extinguishing
Thanks to special resins treatment, they satisfy most of the regulations concerning the diffusion of flames or smoke.

Radio transmission
Thanks to their structural composition, Blacktable floating platforms avoid any interference with radio waves.

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