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2199 € ($2649)

Riser Wide

This is the first solution that combines a table and a riser. You no longer need to build a stage and you don't need to cover it. It offers the necessary space for 4 players and 1 mixer or 2 players, 2 turntables and 1 mixer.

1984mm (78.1in)
883mm (34.7in)
1000mm (39.4in)
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Surface length: 1303mm (51.3in)

Surface depth: 552mm (21.7in)

Height on surface: 1000mm (39.4in)

Assembled aluminum structure weight: 82.1kg (181lbs)

Fiberglass Panel weight: 28.54kg (62.9lbs)
( 3 panels)

Total weight: 167.7kg (369.7lbs)

Number of cartons: 11


Panels: fiberglass, resins, quarz
Profiles, connectors, cubes: aluminium
Inserts: EPDM rubber
Feet: rubber and galvanised steel
Covers: polyester or TNT

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