Where is Blacktable System based?

Blacktable System has its headquarter and central warehouse in Switzerland. Our office is located at the Tecnopolo in Manno, and our central warehouse is located in Riazzino; we are in the Italian part of Switzerland.

Who invented Blacktable?

Blacktable is a 100% Swiss project made by Blacktable System SA. It was designed and engineered in Switzerland.


Where are the Blacktable models produced?

We have traveled the world to find the best partners to guarantee the highest quality at competitive prices. We have also taken into account sustainability in terms of transportation of goods. Blacktable components are mainly produced in Italy; some parts in Germany and China.

What are Blacktable System parts made of?

Profiles: extruded aluminium, painted with anti-scratch powder
Cubes: billet aluminum, painted with anti-scratch powder
Connectors: die-cast aluminum, galvanized
Feet: galvanized steel and rubber
Inserts: EPDM rubber
Fabric: polyester
Panels: fiberglass with resin and quarz

Sustainability and Quality

What does Blacktable do for sustainability?

Your concerns are ours. We optimize every process to improve our CO2 footprint. We choose partners as close as possible to our central warehouse. We use materials with high-quality specifications and comply with Swiss, European and US regulations.

How long does a Blacktable product last?

Its durability depends on the intensity of use, exposure to the weather and frequency of assembly/disassembly. Our elements are designed to offer a long life cycle.

In what weather conditions can a Blacktable be used?

Blacktable is designed to withstand any weather condition, such as rain, ice, snow, sun. From the mountains to the desert.

Custom models

Is it possible to develop a custom model?

Yes. We can design and certify models based on your peculiar needs, thanks to the versatility of the Blacktable construction system and our service team. Click here to make a request.

I have a construction idea, what should I do?

With Blacktable System you can design a large number of geometric structures. You don't need to invest in an engineering or architectural project; you just need to communicate your idea; we think about the feasibility and propose a building model and a detailed quotation. The offer will contain the list of necessary components and a manual for construction and disassembly.

Is it possible to have another color?

Yes. The original Blacktable paint is matte black. Depending on the size of your project, we can offer custom colors for both fiberglass panels and aluminum components.


If I buy a product, can I transform it into another model by purchasing the missing pieces?

Yes. Blacktable is designed to be a modular construction system. If you want to change or expand a product you already own, please contact our support service, and you will get a special quote for the missing parts.

Is the Blacktable system also compatible with future models?

Yes, it is compatible with future models. Blacktable is designed to be evolutionary.

Do I have to open an account to buy Blacktable?

You do not need to open an account, you can make a purchase in "Guest" mode.

What are your policies for orders and returns?

You can find our policies visiting our "Orders and Returns" page here.


How do I clean Blacktable elements?

All Blacktable elements can be cleaned with water, high pressure water, with or without detergents.


Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to over 50 countries worldwide. Should you not find your country of residence on the list at the bottom of each page, please follow the link indicated at the checkout; we will see if a custom carrier is available for shipping to your country.

How long does it take to process my order and when will I receive it?

Our Delivery time is fast and professional. We usually do not need too much time to process an order. When shipped you will receive our confirmation with a tracking number and the name of the carrier. We will be as quick as possible. According to your country’s shipping rules and regulations. Standard models should take approximately 1 to 6 working days.
You find more information here.

Privacy and Security

Will my personal data remain confidential?

All the data you share with us will remain strictly confidential.We will not pass this data to third parties. You will find full details about our privacy policy here.

Is your e-commerce safe for my credit card transactions?

There is absolutely no need to worry: our online store incorporates the latest security technology. We also rely on Stripe, one of the best services to ensure online transactions’ security.