How it works.

Blacktable System is designed for temporary constructions. Made to offer a total freedom by creating any kind of geometric construction in plan and also in height providing a stunning structural design and efficiency, whatever shape you create.


Live performance venues

Touring, festivals and concerts

Houses of worship

Corporate facilities and exhibitions

Night and beach clubs

Hotel, lounges and restaurants

Radio & TV productions

Cinema and theaters

Sport venues and events

Education and public administration

Congress and concert halls

Architectural constructions

3 main elements.

The Profile
The Blacktable profile is engineered to be used as a structural element for both flat and in height models. One face of the profile allows the insertion of gaskets, while the other three faces have an inlet to accommodate the weatherproof adhesive Velcro, to fix covers with precision and great ease.
The Connector
The connector is made of a particularly resistant aluminum alloy. It is screwed to the cube; the profile is inserted to it and fixed by screwing. A new fast and safe connection mechanics.
The Cube
The cube is extremely durable and comes from solid aluminum. It is worked with extreme precision with the latest generation CNC equipment. Up to 6 connectors scan be screwed to the cube. You can always reuse the same cubes and change the connections whenever you want to create a new shape.

One heart.
Six sides.

You can attach 1 to 6 connectors to the same cube. Save materials and space by reducing the number of joints to just one. The life cycle is considerably longer: if necessary you can replace only one connector.

Silent mount. Hammer-free.

Assemble and dismantle structures in all circumstances, day and night, even in residential areas. Each component of Blacktable System is fixed without using hammers. Everything is fastened quickly and safely with the use of hex screws.

Always add.
Never throw.

We have developed an evolutionary system; you can add new elements at any time and reshape your structures; reuse older elements and merge them with new ones; they are always compatible.

Born stylish.

Any model will have a shape refinished in detail. The matte black gives a neutral and balanced look. You don't need to cover the structures. And if you want to, we have developed a system with wind resistant elastic fabric that you can fasten with the latest Velcro technology, that can be used under any weather condition.

100% Aluminum.

Each structural component is made of easily recyclable aluminum. There is no limit to how many times aluminum can be recycled. That's why choosing aluminum is such a boon for the environment. Aluminum is considered a sustainable metal, which means it can be recycled again and again with no loss of material.

A long-term investment.

Our materials are designed to last for a long time. The paint is scratch resistant. You have significant savings in terms of materials and storage.

Custom model? We certify your concept.

You have an idea. We check it and optimise it for its feasibility. We present you a quotation including the bill of materials needed for it. Do you need custom made secondary parts? We make them for you. You decide to go for it? We ship everything to your delivery place, and we add a custom-building manual and a static certificate.

We have prepared a wide range of simulations and libraries. We work fast and make you save your budget for the engineering and design process.

Custom order