How it's Made

Aluminum extruded profiles

Blacktable aluminium profiles are extruded with great mastery, following an Italian controlling protocol with CE mark. The production manufactory is state-of-the-art and equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipment to control chemical, mechanical and dimensional characteristics.

Cubes and connectors

Cubes are formed from solid aluminum and are machined with the latest CNC equipment. Connectors are produced by die-casting of an aluminum alloy. Production is carried out by our manufacturers in China, all certified by TÜV SÜD (Germany), the global provider of auditing and certification services.  

Blacktable Panels

Panels are entirely produced in Italy with the most environment-friendly procedures currently available in the industry.
We also continuously monitor the quality of our products to guarantee consistent performance over time.  


Our panels — thanks to special resins treatments — satisfy most of the regulations concerning the diffusion of flames or smoke.

Electrical insulation

An intrinsic characteristic of fiberglass is electrical insulation. Expensive grounding becomes unnecessary with increased on-site safety. Moreover, the installation is faster and cheaper.


Our decks are made of high-quality polyester resins and reinforced with fiberglass threads. They are also selected for mechanical and corrosion resistance: ideal for almost all locations with corrosion problems.


Our panels are manufactured with a superior anti-slip surface that uses integrated quartz grains to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. The anti-slip surface is classified R13-V10 according to DIN 51130: the best possible anti-slip solution. The incredible adhesion persists even with water, ice, oil or grease.

Long lifecycle

The integration of quartz grains ensures our decks long lifecycles.

Radio transmission

Thanks to their structural composition, Blacktable decks avoid any interference with radio waves.

Acoustic covers

We use a non-combustible FR acoustic cover with excellent fire protection and acoustical transparency. It's designed for concerts and stages — it's also ideal to cover interior decoration structures, trade shows, advertising towers and any exhibition element. It's the perfect option when it comes to protecting loudspeakers in public places while meeting decorative requirements.

You will always know hot it's made.