Open platforms.

Assemble and create your space.
Platform is Blacktable's new composition system for restaurants, lounges, bars, terraces, events, concerts, festivals, congress or presentation booth.

Entertainment platforms.

Add Blacktable Pro Wide and dock it directly on the platform. Attach external and internal handrails. No holes or DIY arrangements. All additional elements will remain firmly anchored to the base structure making the entire area super safe.

Platforms with handrails.

Adding handrails to the open platforms you can create a more reserved space of any size.

Platforms with handrails and cover.

Blacktable covers are easy to apply, do not crease and have a stunning design.

Elevated platforms.

Blacktable System elements are designed to develop structures both horizontally and in height. You can elevate your platform easily, by using the same 3 basic structural elements.


With Blacktable Platforms you can also build on-stage runways, forestages, catwalks, festival and event routes, beach walkways. You can place it on the ground, elevate it, add handrails and covers thanks to its built-in structure.

Floating platforms.

Blacktable platforms can also be used without any structure to build walkways on terrain. Solid and with an excellent strength/weight ratio, they are resistant to impacts, frequent assembly and disassembly and bad weather. They are even self-extinguishing. And the surface complies with the R13-V10/DIN 51130 anti-slip standard: the best solution available.

The first stage designed for electronic music.

We thought of combining Blacktable Slide with the Platforms Series to form a raised and closed structure. The result is a stage with all functions in one. It absorbs vibrations more than any other and it adds a unique touch to the scene. And as with all Platforms models, you decide the size.

Suitable for any ground.

Each Platform model can be installed on various types of terrain: uneven, flat, or steeply sloping.


Platforms are part of  Blacktable system. The structure is based on three basic elements: a cube, a connector and a profile. Screw the connector to the cube and then screw the profile. Easy, fast and safe.