Pricing and Payments


Is VAT included in the price?

The prices on our e-commerce include VAT.  For custom models, VAT is applied and collected by the forwarder during the delivery operations.

Are import duties included?

Import duties are included for all products in our e-commerce. For custom models, the import duties are usually indicated in the offer.

Are shipping costs included?

No. Shipping costs for Blacktable products, may vary relevantly depending on their size, weight and the shipping distance: all Blacktable products are shipped from our central warehouse in Switzerland. Shipping costs are clearly indicated in addition to the price of the product, before the checkout.

Is the packaging included in the shipping costs?

All products on our e-commerce have packaging costs included. For custom models, packaging costs may be added, depending on the size and quantity of items. In this case, the packaging price is always indicated separately in the quotation, before the purchase.


Which payment methods do you accept?

On our e-commerce, we accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay or Paypal. For custom models, we accept payments in advance by bank transfer or credit card.

How do I choose my currency for the purchase?

Our website can detect the country from which the order is placed and consequently your local currency. However — if there is a VPN connection with an active server in a different country or if you want to make a payment in a different currency — you can change the country of origin and currency manually with the links at the bottom of each page of the site.

We assure maximum security in payments.