Pro. Everywhere.

Blacktable Pro Series is designed for professional live DJ performances. Incredibly stable, withstands the elements, even all year round. Now also for compact and residential events.

Compact or Wide.

The components are the same, you choose the size. We have developed Compact for the smallest environments; you can place on its surface 1 laptop and a controller or 2 players and 1 mixer. Wide is the big brother and offers the necessary space for 4 players and 1 mixer or 2 players, 2 turntables and 1 mixer.

Very robust.

We have engineered a decomposable structure able to withstand distributed loads up to 7.5 KN / sqm. You can use the Pro Series for any kind of performance in complete safety. It is stable and able to keep safe sensitive equipment for live performances. It is so robust that it can also be used as a real platform for building stages.

It's weatherproof.
All year round.

Blacktable Pro can stay outside for an entire season, or even during a whole year: from the desert to the ski slopes. It is also the best solution for indoor spaces; at home, in lounge bars and clubs. It is ready to face shocks and liquids.

Acoustic covers.

We have developed a special dual-function acoustic cover: you can quickly hide the front and side parts of the table subwoofers or any equipment under the table while keeping sound propagation intact. The acoustic fabric is of high quality (made in Germany), elastic and wrinkle-free.


Blacktable acoustic covers use the latest generation VELCRO® Heavy Duty Tape with 50% more resistance than any other type of Velcro on the market. You can apply the covers quickly and easily: no hooks or laces needed. A new adhesive polymer guarantees perfect sealing in any weather condition.

streaming view.

The matte black of Blacktable Pro is designed to absorb reflections and allow excellent focus for both the artist and the equipment. With clean footage, every photoshoot or live stream will have a professional look & feel from any angle.


The Blacktable panel has a reticular core and an exceptional stiffness/weight ratio. Withstands shocks, intensive usage, bad weather and corrosion and even saltiness.

Floating panel.

The Blacktable platform just needs to be positioned on special rubber inserts. The same inserts absorb vibrations coming from either the surface and the structure, reducing interference with sensitive electronic devices.

Isolation feet.

All Blacktable Pro models are equipped with large adjustable feet that absorb vibrations from the ground. They add more protection to sensitive electronic equipments and from audio feedbacks.

Precise. Silent. Fast.

We devised an assembly and disassembly technique that grants precision. You can assemble and dismantle it endless times. You won't need the hammer. Just a powered driver.

Add more Pros.

Do you want to connect two Blacktable Pros or just want to expand the one you already have? Each Blacktable Pro model can become a modular chain of two or more units.