We have developed Blacktable Riser for the most compact events: you no longer need to build a stage and you don't need to cover it. This is the first solution that combines a table and a riser.

All terrain.

Blacktable Riser is suitable for any type of terrain. It can be placed on a terrace, on asphalt or even on the lawn.

One core.
Two sizes.

Blacktable Riser in wide format can accommodate professional setups: you can place 4 players and a mixer; or 2 players, 2 turntables and 1 mixer.

Blacktable Compact has the same material characteristics as the wide version and allows you to place a controller and a laptop or equivalent equipment.

Super steady.

The structure of Blacktable Riser has the shape of a parallelepiped. This makes it even more resistant to impacts.

Covers. Subtly.

The Blacktable acoustic cover has a double function: to hide the front and side parts of the table. And to place one or more subwoofers under the table while keeping the sound propagation intact. The fabric we use is of high quality (made in Germany), elastic and does not crease.


Apply the covers quickly and easily without the use of hooks or laces. We have equipped our acoustic covers with the latest generation of VELCRO® Heavy Duty Tape, which has 50% more resistance than any other type on the market. Furthermore, a new adhesive polymer grants perfect sealing on the profiles in any weather condition.

A better image.

The look & feel of your table is great from every angle. The matte black of Blacktable Riser is designed to absorb reflections and grants focus for both the artist and the equipment.

100% modular.

Each element of Riser models can be detached. You decide how many parts to disassemble, store or transport.

Fiberglass panels.

Blacktable has developed solid and lightweight fiberglass sandwich decks. Designed for intensive usage and even to walk on it. Resistant to shocks and any weather condition.

We absorb
vibrations here.

Feet have a diameter of 75mm and absorb both vibrations from the air and those coming from the ground. They prevent feedback in turntables or other disturbances to sensitive electronic devices. We have designed them to be simple and effective. You can also adjust the height: just rotate them manually; stabilising the table on uneven ground is no longer a problem.

Connect another Riser.

Blacktable Riser Series connect with another of the same model. You can add more modules and increase the total length.