Open rooms.

Create more space with elegance in bars, terraces, beach clubs, restaurants, events or at home. You can add Blacktable elastic covers laterally and on the top, or let us build custom accessories for you.

Temporary villages.

Terraces, bars, lounges and meeting areas with an extraordinary look & feel. You can build entire temporary villages simply by combining the same Blacktable elements.


With Blacktable System you use the same elements to build creative structural forms on stage. You can combine the Blakctable Pro, Riser or Slide series to form a superlinear design. And you can change the scene every day.

Keep the elements. Change design.
Every day.

Optimise your warehouse.

With Blacktable System you can save a lot of space in your warehouse. You can always use the same elements, combined differently to form a unique stage design.


Our materials are designed to last for a long time. The paint is scratch resistant. You have significant savings in terms of materials and storage.

Fully made in aluminum.

All the structural elements are in various alloys of aluminum; you get the strength of steel, a big advantage in terms of weight, both for construction and for transport. And the aluminum is 100% recyclable.