Blacktable Slide is a powerful tool designed for electronic music stages. You can switch artists without interrupting the music. In festivals or in large clubs.

One stage.
Two solutions.

Blacktable Slide is available in two versions, with different sliding systems. Both allow multiple quick and seamless setup changes.


With this single platform trolley solution you can arrange 2 setups with only 1 technician. When the artist's performance on the central setup is finished, the carriage is moved sideways to center the next setup. Blacktable Slide Mono uses a minimum of 3 modules.


The solution with two independent trolleys allows you to arrange setups discreetly, at the side of the stage or behind the audio line array towers. It is designed for larger stages and employs a minimum of 5 Blacktable modules.

It's modular.

Mono Slide, with a single trolley, is ideal for smaller stages. Dual Slide, on the other hand, exploits all the potential of the largest stages, allowing you to change setups hidden from the public view.

Smooth slide.
Soft stop.

Blacktable Slide rubber rails grant a smooth movement. At the end of the line, carts stop sleekly.

High load capacity.

You can use the Pro Series for any kind of performance in complete safety.

Fiberglass panels.

These fiberglass panels have a sandwich structure with inner reticulation. This grants resistance to any type of weather and salt without losing their mechanical properties.

Audio isolation feet. Adjustable.

Blacktable feet have a diameter of 75mm and absorb both sound vibrations and those coming from the ground. They are designed to prevent feedback in turntables or other disturbances to sensitive electronic devices. Each foot can be adjusted with manual rotation. No tools needed.

In pieces or in parts.

Blacktable Slide can be completely disassembled for transport. Or you can decide to disassemble it in its main parts.